On April 6, 2022, the City of Palmdale City Council adopted Ordinance 1579, implementing Map Option 2 as the new City Council district map. Visit the Selected Map page for more information.

While the redistricting process is complete, this site remains live to serve as an archive of the election changes including the schedule, draft maps and resources.

The Redistricting Process

Every 10 years, local governments use new data from the Census to redraw their district lines to reflect how local populations have changed. State law requires cities and counties to engage communities in the redistricting process by holding public hearings and doing public outreach, including to underrepresented and non-English-speaking communities.

The City of Palmdale is asking for your help to plan, draw, and redivide new City districts.

The final map created through the redistricting process will define Palmdale’s City Council district boundaries for the next 10 years. There are many ways to participate in redistricting and we invite you to get involved!

The Advisory Commission

The Advisory Redistricting Commission (“ARC”) is comprised of Palmdale residents who primarily reflect the diversity of Palmdale and will act as an advisory body. The City Charter requires the adoption of a map establishing Council District boundaries after the federal government releases the 2020 Census-block population data.

Applications for membership on the ARC to the City Council were accepted from April 10, 2021 to May 27, 2021, and the City Council appointed 11 members of the public to serve on the ARC. Two commissioner spots remain open, those interested can apply here.

Commissioners: Bennie Thornton, Avrum Harris, Suzann Reina, Phyliss K. Reilly, Antonio Ortega, Patrick R. Cousin, Rochelle Butler, Engel Thedford, Shameka Andre, Adrian Rico

The ARC will follow strict guidelines outlined in Resolution No. CC 2021-031 and provide a recommendation to City Council. The City Council must adopt a map in which Council Districts are nearly as equal as practicable in total population. The map must also comply with the U.S. Constitution, California Constitution, Federal Voting Rights Act, Fair Maps Act, and any other requirement of federal or state law applicable to charter cities.

For more information on the Fair Maps Act please click here.

How to participate?

Share your specific thoughts, draw a map, or attend an upcoming workshop to get involved!

  • Submit written testimony about the process or a specific map to redistrict2021@cityofpalmdale.org.
  • Click here to see the calendar of workshops and public hearings at which you can speak about the process or a specific map.
  • Click here for information on drawing and submitting maps.

At the hearings and workshops, we want you to:

  • Share your story
  • Define your neighborhood or community of interest
  • Explain why redistricting is relevant to your community
  • Get the tools you need to draw a map of one district or of all four districts
  • Share your opinions of the draft maps
  • Talk to your neighbors and local organizations